Maple Syrup



Maple Syrup season is upon us.  Freshly canned syrup will be available early March 2018.  

Livingston Farms has been producing pure maple syrup since the first tree was tapped in 1902. We strive to produce a quality product with a “sweet” disposition. When the sap is running, visitors are welcome to come out and watch the evaporation process in action.

You can purchase our Maple Syrup here at the farm and the St. Johns Farmers Market in the summer months. Our Maple Syrup is also served at Morning Star Cafe in Grand Haven, Michigan, used in making chocolate at OhMi Organics and is also sold there. You can also buy our syrup and mint oils at Fabiano’s Pizza and Deli in Grand Ledge, Phillip’s Gatehouse and Uncle John's Cider Mill in St. Johns.

Looking for a unique wedding favor? We offer quantity discounts and can also get a variety of glassware, sizes and personalized labels to bottle the syrup in. This year, we also have darker Grade B syrup which is commonly used for cleansing.


(New prices effective January 1, 2018)

ordering and shipping Maple syrup

Please contact us in advance to discuss large orders and volume pricing. To place an order for maple syrup please call or email us and be sure to include your address so we can calculate shipping charges at the lowest rate possible.

We may charge an additional fee to package and ship the glass maple leaves or tarquina to ensure their safety while traveling.



Plastic Jug


  • $50.00 – Gallon

  • $28.00 – ½ Gallon

  • $17.00 – Quart

  • $9.00 – Pint

  • $6.00 – Half Pint

  • $3.00 – 3.4 oz


Assorted Leaf Sizes

Maple Leaf Glass

  • $3.00 – 50 ml

  • $5.00 – 100 ml

  • $9.00 – 250 ml

  • $13.00 – 500ml

  • $18.00 – 750 ml

Tarquina Glass

  • $5.00 – 100 ml

  • $9.00 – 250 ml (limites quantities)

Maple Leaf 50 ml
and 3.4 oz Jug  

  • 1-100 – $3.00/each

  • 101-200 – $2.90/each

  • 201 and up – $2.80/each

Tarquina Glass

Maple Leaf
and Tarquinia 100 ml

  • 1-100 – $5.00/each

  • 101-200 – $4.90/each

  • 201 and up – $4.80/each