Grass Fed and Finished Beef


grass fed and finished beef

Our Grass-Fed and Finished Beef are never given any hormones and are not on an antibiotic regime. They do not eat on any pasture that has been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. Our beef are pasture raised and grass-fed their entire lives. They are NOT grain-finished.

Grass-fed beef is not only lower in overall fat and in saturated fat than grain-fed beef, but it has the added advantage of providing more omega-3 fats. These crucial healthy fats are most plentiful in flaxseeds and fish and are also found in walnuts, soybeans and in meat from animals that have grazed on omega-3 rich grass. The meat from feedlot animals typically contains only 15-50 percent as much omega-3’s as that from grass-fed livestock.

In addition to being higher in healthy omega-3’s, meat from pastured cattle is also up to four times higher in vitamin E than meat from feedlot cattle and much higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a nutrient associated with lower cancer risk. For more information about the benefits of grass-fed beef, go to


Ordering grass fed beef

(New price effective for animals sent in after January 1, 2016)

We charge $3.50 per pound hanging weight, which is the weight after the animal has been skinned and gutted. You can purchase our animals by the quarter, half, or whole beef. One of our animals hanging weight is generally between 600 and 700 pounds. This can vary from animal to animal, some are more, some are a little less. From this hanging weight, you get about 60 -70% in meat as a variety of steaks, roasts and burger. Our grass-fed beef burger is about a 90/10 ratio (10% fat). If you get a whole animal, you can choose any butcher you want. Animals we send in go to Bellingar Packing or Ebel’s. The butcher will charge a flat fee for butchering the animal and processing and packaging fee per pound. Typically the butchering fee is $15-$20/quarter and approximately 50-56 cents/lb hanging weight. For the most up to date butchering prices and specific questions about cuts of meat please contact Bellingar Packing.  An average, standard cut 1/4 of one of our grass fed beef will cost you around $600-$700 total (our fees and the butcher fees).

The majority of our animals go to the butcher every September.  The next group of animals are due to go at the beginning of May 2019.  Your meat would be ready by the end of May. We also usually have a limited supply of pre-cut 1/4’s and 1/2’s if you want meat before the next butcher date.  If you are interested, call 989-640-7391 or email your order form to get placed on the May 2019 list or for animals going in this June, July or September 2019.  If you are wanting meat at another time, contact us and we will try to arrange a butcher date for you.  If you want a whole animal, we can send one in at most any time as long as we can arrange a date at the butcher. We can also deliver a whole animal to a butcher of your choice for a delivery fee. When emailing please indicate the amount of meat you are ordering and provide us with an address and phone number. Animals will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. We will contact you back regarding your inquiry.

download our order sheet

All wholesale customers must have an order form on file for the year ordering. If you are interested in purchasing our grass fed beef by the 1/4 , 1/2 or whole, please fill out and return our order sheet. You can mail it to our address or scan an email it back to


We require a $100 deposit per quarter on all wholesale beef orders for new customers.  Full payment on 1/4, 1/2 or whole animals is required before you pick up your meat.  We accept cash, money orders and checks.  For an additional 3% fee, you can also pay us thru PayPal.  We do not accept credit or debit cards at this time.

Want to benefit from buying a large quantity of meat, but don't have room for a full 1/4 of an animal?

For a limited time, purchase from these Grass Fed Beef Bundles:

Bundles are Freshly stocked as of MaY 1, 2019!

Bundle #1 - $400 (savings of $80-90) no less than 55 lbs of meat total. About an 1/8 of an animal.

  • 30-32 lbs of ground beef in 1# packages

  • 12-13 lbs of roasts or patties (or short ribs when available)

  • 8-9 lbs of top sirloin, ribeye or NY strip (or Tri-Tip, T-Bone and Porterhouse when available)

  • 1-2 lbs of tenderloin (or Delmonico when available)

  • 3 lbs of fully cooked polish or summer sausage

Bundle #2 - $250 (savings of appx $45-50) appx 30 lbs of meat total.                       About 1/16 of an animal.

  • 15-17 lbs of ground beef in 1# packages

  • 6-7 lbs of roasts or patties (or short ribs when available)

  • 4-5 lbs of top sirloin, ribeye or NY strip (or Tri-Tip, T-Bone and Porterhouse when available)

  • Tenderloin or Delmonico (appx 1 lb)

  • 1 lb of fully cooked polish or summer sausage

*Roasts are 2-3 lbs each, Patties are 4 per pack in 1 lb packages, Top Sirloin, NY Strip and Ribeye are appx 3/4 lb - 1 1/4 lb.  Sirloin Tip are appx 2 lbs each.

Bundle A - $250, 42+ lbs of meat

  • 40+ lbs of ground beef in 1# packages and

  • 2 packages of polish or summer sausage

* Double your bundle and receive an extra 2 lbs of ground beef free.

Bundle B - $150, appx 18 lbs of meat

  • 14+ lbs of ground beef in 1# packages and

  • 4-5 lbs of sirloin, ribeye or NY strip (or T-bone, Porterhouse and Trip-Tip when available)

* Double your bundle and receive an extra 1# of ground beef free.

Bundle C - $200 appx 14-15 lbs of meat total. 

  • 10-12 lbs of a variety of steaks including:
    ~ Top Sirloin, Ribeye and NY Strip (appx 4-5 lbs total),
    ~ Delmonico and Tenderloin (appx 3-4 lbs total),
    ~ T-Bone and Porterhouse (appx 2-3 lbs total),

  • 2-3 lbs of ground beef in 1# packages and

  • 1 package of Polish or Summer Sausage

Mint isolated on white-2500.jpg


  • Ground Beef (1lb package) - $6/lb

  • 1/4 lb Burger Patties (4 pack) - $7/lb

  • Whole Bone-In Short Loin (16+ lbs) - $20/lb

  • Delmonico Steak (14-20oz packages) - $20/lb

  • Tenderloin (Filet Mignon) (4-6oz package) - $20/lb

  • Tenderloin Half (4-5lbs) - $18/lb

  • New York Strip (12-16oz package) - $16/lb

  • Ribeye Steak (14-18oz package) - $16/lb

  • Top Sirloin (1-2lb packages) - $15/lb

  • T-Bone and Porterhouse Steak - $15/lb (limited quantities)

  • Tri-Tip Steak - $15/lb

  • Rib Roast (Prime Rib) - $10/lb

  • Brisket (7-10lbs) - $8/lb (limited quantities)

  • Chuck, English, Rump or Arm Roasts (2-3lbs) - $7/lb

  • Short Ribs (1-2lbs) - $7/lb

  • Heart, Tongue, Oxtail, Shank Kidney’s and Liver  - $3/lb. (limited quantities)

  • Suet and Soup Bones (for bone broth)  - $2/lb.

Other ALL GRASS FED BEEF products include:

  • Summer Sausage - Plain or Jalapeno and Cheese - 16oz $11 each or 3 for $30

  • Polish Sausage (precooked) - 16oz $11 each or 3 for $30.

  • Snack Stix - Plain, Cheese or Jalapeno and Cheese - 6oz $7 each or 4 for $25

    *New Flavor Sweet and Spicy Snack Stix - MSG free

  • Jerky - all steak meat – Hot Shot, Cajun, Cherry Maple (made with real cherry juice and our maple syrup), Honey BBQ or Teriyaki - 4oz $7 each or 4 for $25

Our retail products are available for sale at Livingston Farms, Phillip’s Orchard and Fabiano’s Pizza and Deli.

To order and arrange a pick-up time on any of our retail meat, please email us at This is the best and most efficient way to contact us.

Cooking Tips and Butcher information

Here are also some Tips for Cooking Grass Fed Beef and also general butcher information on the butchering and processing.

Locally our meat is butchered at Bellingar Packing.  Our retail products are USDA inspected at Graham's Organics and Ebel's Meat Processing.   

Looking for other locally pasture raised meat?

Wilcox Heritage Farm organically raises pastured pork and poultry.  They also have other other unique items for sale.  Visit their website to find out what is available and to learn about their farm.  

South Facing Farm is another local farm with lamb, pork and poultry available at different times of year.  Please contact them directly for available products and more information.